Elago launches two bases to give greater utility to MagSafe

When Apple launched the new MagSafe system alongside the iPhone 12, a new door was opened for manufacturers of iPhone accessories, and some of them improve the concept of Apple by giving more utility to the original accessories, like these two bases that Elago has just launched.

Elago Charging Tray Duo, A MagSafe Duo at a great price

One of the advantages of the MagSafe system is that it charges our iPhone 12 with 15W of power, which is faster than conventional charging bases which only reach 7.5W. And what about users with iPhone and Apple Watch?

Well, if you want to charge both devices using a single base, you have to go through the box and pay the 149 $ (without AC adapter) that the MagSafe Duo base costs, which we analyze in this link.

Or at least that’s what has happened so far, because with Elago’s silicone base we can use Apple’s MagSafe cable (45 $) and Apple Watch cable taking advantage of all the advantages of the MagSafe system. There is also the option to buy it without the space for the Apple Watch. Available in different colors, the base also has space to place other accessories, such as keys, wallet, etc. An excellent alternative to the official proposal from Apple, and above all, with a much more attractive price

, which you can place anywhere thanks to its discreet design. For the moment only available on the official website of Elago (link) for 27.99 $.

Elago charging support, para el MagSafe cable

If you only want to use the MagSafe system for your iPhone, we also have a silicone base that uses the MagSafe cable, turning Apple’s dubiously useful cable into a much more convenient and beautiful fast charging base. It is also available in different colors, and its price is only $ 24.99 on the Elago site (link)

Hope they will be available soon in other stores like Amazon the Macnificos In order not to have to pay the shipping costs invoiced by the Elago site.



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