Everything indicates that there will be no presentation of augmented reality glasses at WWDC22

Augmented reality glasses

WWDC22 starts next Monday. There is great expectation for new operating systems like iOS 16 or watchOS 9. Apple always has an ace up its sleeve for this type of keynote. The arrival of the new MacBook Air is rumored, but a few days ago there was talk of the possible presentation of augmented reality glasses that the big apple has been developing for years. However, analyst Ming Chi-Kuo assured that we will not have glasses at WWDC22 and that it will be necessary to wait until 2023 to see the finished project.

WWDC22 will have no place for Apple’s augmented reality glasses

We’ve been hearing about Apple’s augmented reality glasses for years. It is a project where the big apple invests a lot of time, money and secrecy. Apparently behind this project is the realityOS operating system which would be integrated into iOS. There are several reviews of this possible new operating system in beta versions of iOS, but there are no additional confirmations or signals from Apple.

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A few days ago there was speculation about realityOS being showcased at WWDC22. However, analysts believe that presenting an operating system without presenting augmented reality glasses

could start the novelties of the product. To this is added a new reflection obtained through the reports published in recent months: Ming Chi Kuothe well-known analyst, assures that the mass production of these augmented reality glasses will take time. And showing the glasses and not selling them would increase the level of plagiarism or copying by other companies.

So Kuo makes sure that the glasses will see the light of day in 2023 due to the possible (and high) likelihood of plagiarism. So if we were expecting this launch at WWDC22, we’re out of luck. However, it’s possible that Apple has something new on its hands, like a new MacBook Air with M2 chip with new colors in the purest iMac style. We’ll see what happens at the end.



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