Exclusive AirPods Pro to Celebrate the New Year in China

Chinese New Year

Apple wants to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a special edition of the famous AirPods Pro headset,

in this case, the exclusive icon for the Chinese market which is engraved on the box and on the charging case of the headset, the Ox. According to the Chinese horoscope, it always means order, discipline, effort and hard work.

Chinese New Year

Logically, the headphones are exactly the same as what we have in other countries in terms of specifications, colors, etc., but they have this detail recorded for those who want to donate the headphones for these dates so important for this country . Of course these Exclusive AirPods Pro They are a featured gift in the country.

In Cupertino they are in the event of this celebration and for this reason they want to add. On the country’s website, you can see a special gift guide for the celebration of this Chinese New Year in which it recommends users different gifts from the product catalog such as new models of iPhone 12, various MagSafe accessories, l special edition AirPods, Apple Watch, Mac with new M1 processors, iPad and more.

There are several media that echoed the news and in this case 9To5Mac could not be missed like many others. The truth is that much of the sales of Apple products are in ChinaSo it’s only fitting that they run this type of campaign in which they encourage purchases in one way or another.



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