Face ID or Touch ID required to link WhatsApp accounts in web apps


Without a doubt, we have been in a few weeks WhatsApp making all the headlines. In this case, the news explains that the messaging application will soon be will ask its users to authenticate via Face ID or Touch ID to perform account linking on the web or desktop applications.

Either for the simple fact of privacy, it is important that this authentication is required and that is why, in addition to the number itself, this process will be carried out. The new system will be enabled by default on iPhones running iOS 14 with Touch ID or Face ID.

According to reports from The edge, this option will be the one that will predominate soon in the messaging application and in this case it is not at all negative that this option is introduced, it is rather positive

. The security offered by these iPhone unlock options is really safe. WhatsApp simply changes the authentication process to make it harder to access our account without authorization.

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Even Apple itself does not have access to the biometric data that we store on our iPhone, so WhatsApp will not have access to it either, this is just an added security measure for those who wish to use the browser. Web or desktop apps to send messages. According to sources close to the messaging app, this new update for iPhone devices will be released in the coming weeks but there is no official date set for it.



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