FiLMiC multi-camera recording comes with the new DoubleTake app

We've talked to you many times about the possibilities in terms of photo and video for the iPhone, we're very grateful for the amazing cameras that device has, and obviously thanks to the catalog of applications we received in the App Store. And if there is an app for them to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the iPhone in terms of video recording by FiLMiC. And precisely during the last minute of Apple Keynote its developers showed us that we could use all our iPhone cameras to record video at the same time. Now, they have just launched DoubleTake, a multi-camera system for FiLMiC.

That should be said DoubleTake is not what we were promised but is about to… And that reading FiLMiC Pro's refresher notes, a video recording app, made that clear DoubleTake "Demo" app so we can see what they will eventually bring to FiLMiC Pro, a multi-camera recording thanks to the unique cameras installed by the iPhone. Something very useful as we see it in Keynote, will be able to record with a 4 camera of our device at the same time, a very useful thing to record interview formats, or to get a standard and great shot on the same recording.

DoubleTake allows us to select 2 cameras at once and record them simultaneously, that is, multi-camera recording. On the recording screen we see a picture of two cameras but then tWe will have two independent videos that we can freely use with any video editing program. An app that extends the possibilities of our devices because this is likely to be the case so far, there were ways to do multiple camera recordings with the front camera and the rear camera but nothing like that provided by DoubleTake. DoubleTake is a free app

but I think what they have shown on the Keynote, recording opportunities and all the cameras at the same time, will only come to FiLMiC Pro with this paid…



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