Firefox introduces a new navigation bar similar to Safari

Firefox 98 for iOS

iOS 15 introduced one of the biggest visual changes to Safari in a long time. Navigation in the Apple browser has changed drastically by adding a new design to the navigation bar that used to be at the bottom. The goal was to provide greater functionality to the navigation bar gestures. Although the new visual was met with resistance at first, the final version of iOS 15 made it possible to switch to the previous design. firefox is another web browser available for iOS and in its edition 98 added a layout similar to your navigation bar, in addition to adding the ability to change your home screen wallpaper.

Firefox 98 for iOS: new search bar and wallpapers

The main novelty of Firefox version 98, as we said, this was the introduction of a new navbar design. This design can be changed from the app settings allowing the user to choose the best way to enter URLs or direct searches. The new design reminds us of the design introduced by Apple in iOS 15 as we mentioned.

Another novelty introduced by Firefox in its new version is the possibility of customize the browser home screen.

By clicking on the Firefox logo we can browse the available wallpapers. Among them, a series of funds created in collaboration with Disney and Pixar for the release of the film. turn red on Disney+.

Last month, we created new color schemes for the Firefox desktop to celebrate the launch of Disney and Pixar’s “Turning Red” only on Disney+ on March 11 (subscription required. 18+ to subscribe). It’s a fun way to show off your personality by changing the look of your Firefox browser, with colors and moods inspired by some of the main characters from the movie. Today we have brand new movie-inspired mobile wallpapers based on the coming-of-age story of Mei Lee, a teenage girl who, when she gets too excited, turns into a red panda giant (fun fact: a giant red panda).red is also known as a fire fox).

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Finally, Firefox has also introduced a small minor change in its update. Now, when browsing history is cleared, tab history will no longer be displayed. Thus allowing a complete removal of all aspects of navigation available in the browser.

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