First iPhone with USB-C to be auctioned, auction for $ 100,000

USB-C iPhone

And it is that a few days ago we shared with you the news of an engineer who had succeeded in putting a USB C port in an iPhone X to become the first iPhone in the world with this port. Logically, this is not official at all from Apple, we have to be clear that this is a personal project but ultimately this project came to eBay to participate in an auction while we let’s write this article. amounts to over $ 100,000.

Of course it’s crazy to pay so much money for an iPhone like this but of course it’s the first in the world! Now this iPhone X 64 GB with USB C port it becomes a protagonist of luxury on the sales platform and whoever wants it will have to go through the checkout by paying for a real pasture. Another important detail, only the box and the iPhone are sent, no cables, chargers and fewer headphones.

In addition to the cost of the iPhone with USB C, there are conditions to purchase this device that must be met. It is not possible to restore or erase iPhone, it works but it cannot be used like normal iPhone. It is also not possible to use it as an iPhone in our everyday life and it is logically forbidden to open the device to see the inside. When this iPhone crashes or dies logically, the seller does not support

since it is a prototype without more.

If you have the cash to spare, you can bid here on this iPhone X with a fully functional USB C port for the low price of over $ 100,000 …



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