Go back in time using an iPod Classic with Apple Music or Spotify

iPod Classic

Of course, the iPod Classic is one of the devices that marked an era for many Apple users. In this sense, we can say that the device is today a collector’s item and totally obsolete for the vast majority and that we currently listen to music streaming from any mobile device. By this we don’t mean the physical device is not working, far from it, but it is not used as much as in the past.

Now developer Tanner Villarete wanted us to go back in time and be a little nostalgic for listen to our favorite music again from this player And even if it is not in a physical way, surely more than one of you appreciates it.

Use iPod Classic with Apple Music or Spotify

To use this iPod Classic with your favorite music from Apple Music or Spotify, we have to say that there is a trick, This is not about opening the iPod Classic to add options or download music from our Mac to the device. via iTunes …

In this sense, it must be said that It is a web application that will allow us to listen to all the songs that we have in our Apple Music or Spotify account directly using this wonderful wheel called by Apple: “Click wheel”.

By accessing the Tanner website, you will be able to operate the iPod Classic that appears on the screen directly with the mouse. It is a virtual and really different way to listen to your Apple Music or Spotify music from computer, it cannot be listened to from mobile device. Once on the web, we have to use the scroll wheel and click on “Login” to register for our account. The developer himself has published his full work

of this virtual iPod Classic on GitHub.

Whether or not it is a good idea to save your Apple Music or Spotify data to an external website is a personal decision of everyone, Actualidad iPhone is not responsible for any issues that may arise.



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