Google Maps already offers widgets on iOS for the home screen

Google keeps working to offer improvements to its Maps service, in this way it implements new features also in iOS, an operating system which, to be fair, tends to be quite behind in terms of news from this company . Therefore, for each of these new features, we have no choice but to tell them first.

Google Maps has been recently updated and now offers the option to add a Widget to the Home screen to make things much easier for us.

And this is how things go between Google Maps and Apple Maps, opening up the possibilities of the operating system to generate more functionality.

In short, the system offers us two Widget possibilities, the first is a small mini-map that will allow us to know the traffic conditions of the route we are taking at that time, very relevant information. The second Widget is a quick access which will allow us to go home, search for restaurants, gas stations and supermarkets, as well as a quick search box which will make things much easier for us, why are we going to go wrong.

It is quite far from those Widgets interactive that we all dream of, but at first it’s not bad at all.

However, we have to be honest and point out that iOS widgets are not exactly exploited by developers. Despite this, it is not clear whether the absence of interesting Widgets is due to the lack of interest on the part of the people in charge of developing the applications or if rather the cause is the fact that Apple imposes extremely restrictive conditions. for their implementation.

Regardless, Widgets pass through iOS without pain or glory and they have a lot of work ahead of them to come up with more interesting content or information to improve the user experience.



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