Google wants their card, but it's a debit

The biggest laugh at the time came from the special media, especially outside of the United States of America, where credit cards were so important to consumers' daily life, when the Comertino company decided to introduce a credit card. It still seems to me a contention that a company that promises more than any other unpaid payments starts a credit card, but if time and travel of some kind give a reason to Apple. Google decides to bet on debit cards and will launch the service soon in terms of leaks.

This in formation comes from TechCrunch,

an important mechanism that has already left us with another leak of similar importance. By itself, Huawei is already working on its credit card to be based in China, but Google has an important difference with the Apple Card, and that is if we will be talking about a debit card. This Google card will be compatible with Google Pay in all its locations and will provide exciting features such as detailed monitoring of purchases made or opportunities to get real numbers for online shopping. in full security, something very interesting.

We are investigating how we can partner with banks and credit unions in the United States to provide smart checking accounts with Google Pay, helping customers benefit from useful information and other management tools.

Most likely we will be able to track purchases that include Google Maps locations, where the North American company also does things with illegal information standards. As with the Apple Card, they are currently planning to become a product focused on the North American market.



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