Gurman confirms it: the iPhone 14 Pro will have Always On Display

Gurman just reported this in his weekly newsletter: iOS 16 will include support for Always On Displayjust in time for the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro.

There has been talk for a long time of the possibility for iPhones to include the “Always On Display” function, a technology that has already been integrated into the Apple Watch since the Series 5 and which allows the screen to be always on even when the device is locked. The lighting is at a minimum, the refresh rate is reduced and thus we obtain an almost negligible battery consumption

, obtaining in return to be able to see the relevant information on our screen without having to turn it on. In the end, not having to turn on the iPhone or even unlock it can result in less battery drain than many might think with this new feature.

According to Gurman, this feature will come with iOS 16, but it won’t be compatible with all devices. Only the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be able to take advantage of this, despite the fact that the iPhone 13 Pro and Mac Pro yac incorporate screen technology that would allow it. In reality Apple was planning to release this novelty last year, but for unknown reasons they would have delayed it until this year’s model

. We will have to wait to see the next WWDC 2022 to have more clues about this new feature, or even who knows if we will be surprised that older models are compatible.

This new Always On Display technology should come with changes to the lock screen, like the ability to add widgets to it. Because having the screen on to see a huge clock doesn’t make much sense either. The ideal would be to be able to customize the information that you always want to be able to see on the lock screen, something that will surely come with iOS 16.



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