Gurman predicts more engagement and new apps in iOS 16


There are a few weeks left before the start of WWDC22, the biggest event of the year for Apple developers. In this event we will know all the news about the new operating systems of the big apple: iOS 16, watchOS 9, tvOS 9 and more. Now is the time to imagine what functions we expect, what are the most heard rumors in recent days and, above all, which are the most reliable. A few hours ago, well-known and popular analyst Mark Gurman said that iOS 16 will bring new Apple apps and new ways to interact with the operating system.

What does Apple do?

iOS 16 could include new Apple apps

Many rumors have appeared around iOS 16 in recent months. It is expected that this new operating system will not include a radical design change. However, Apple will improve user interaction with the operating system and will introduce more privacy features by expanding the features included in iCloud+.

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iOS 16 will bring more privacy features by expanding iCloud Private Relay

These rumors have been augmented and made more solid with new information from renowned Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman. The analyst says that Apple will present new official applications with which to help the user to extend their experience in iOS. Besides, will improve the user’s interaction with the operating system through new ways to interact.

It has not been specified what these ways of interacting are, but we are pretty sure that they will be oriented, or at least some of them, to improve interaction with widgets.

Widgets are static and only display information. Perhaps iOS 16 allows you to interact with them to ensure that they not only provide information, but also control the operating system from the home screen.

Gurman also expects the new features of watchOS 9 to be very important, especially with a view to improving health and monitoring user activity. Remember that these new features will give birth to the future Apple Watch Series 8, which will be released in the second half of 2022.



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