Gurman says Dan Riccio will be Apple Glass supervisor

And Riccio

Apple’s augmented reality glasses continue to make headlines of all kinds and days after the firm explained that its current chief equipment officer, Dan Riccio, was working on a very important new project for the company, Mark Gurman and announces that this project for which Riccio will be responsible are neither more nor less than AR glasses from Apple.

These new glasses are expected to arrive in a few years, according to some analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo, it could be by 2023 and the price of these glasses will not be “popular” at all, so maybe a lot of us will see them in the Apple store and no more. Anyway these augmented reality glasses are ringing loud this year and they are expected to keep ringing since this is an important project for Apple and its users.

A very important project for Apple

And, as they say, these glasses could be a before and an after in th is type of device. Again, the novelties seen at an MWC (Mobile World Congress) about four years ago during which these glasses exploded and where all the manufacturers thought of theirs. HTC Vive and Oculus were the only survivors with some success

and that is why Apple’s entry into this market could be beneficial to them. Of course, they will have to do well.

For this reason, this very important project requires a high ranking person in charge of the project and Riccio seems to be the one who was chosen. For now, the position Riccio held will remain with John Ternus, until further notice.

While Riccio focuses on the development of augmented / virtual reality glassesJohn Ternus takes his place at the head of material engineering.



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