Here is the leaked iPhone 14 front panel design

iPhone 14 design

The rumors have been on the table for months. It’s likely that Apple will definitely put an expiration date on the notch as we know it from the iPhone X. the new iPhone 14 will arrive in September and with it, a design change to the front panel that we haven’t seen for several years now. It’s likely the notch will be removed to make way for a new ‘in-tablet’ design, where all the sensors that are now carried in the black notch will go. A new design uploaded as a leak continues to confirm this design.

Leaks reaffirm the tablet design of the front of the iPhone 14

The image was posted on the Weibo social network and was accompanied by a short message. This is not a new confirmation of what we suspected in recent months: a design change to the front of the iPhone 14. This new design would consist of a hole for the camera and a “diamond” shaped slot for the speaker and an additional sensor that cannot be integrated under the screen.

In the design, we can see how similar the production is to the concepts that have been released for a few months now. It should be remembered that the iPhone 14 will be available in two sizes: 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. Both models in standard format and Pro format. Moreover, we must take into account that this diamond design will only appear on Pro models,

at least in the transition to this new design.

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The iPhone 14 already has a design and the first units are at the factory

With this new leak and the confirmation of this same design by Jon Prosser, we can take for granted this information heard for months. Now we just have to wait until September to finally see the design and predict a bright future for models that would permanently ditch the notch as we know it.



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