HomeKit-compatible Aqara accessories are already featured in Apple’s online store

The popular business Aqara which offers products and accessories compatible with Apple’s HomeKit already has some on the company’s website. At the moment, in online stores in Europe, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, they can already be purchased.

In this sense, it must be said that the Cupertino company was already selling accessories in some online and physical stores around the world, but were concentrated in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau

. Finally, these products are starting to be marketed on Apple’s website in other countries.

A little more expensive than elsewhere

For now, we see ourselves in Apple’s online store, is that the prices of these products are a little higher than in other online stores, which makes us think that very few users will appreciate purchasing one of these from Apple’s website. For example, the Aqara temperature and humidity sensor is priced at 29.95 dollars at Apple, while in stores like Amazon, We found it for a little over 18 dollars.

Aqara’s product line is endless, but for Apple’s online stores, only a few products are available. In this case we see the Hub M2, which is the newest of the Aqara Hub devices, the G2H camera which is a 1080p compatible high definition bridge camera

Compatible with HomeKit Secure Video, Window & Door Sensor, Company Temperature & Humidity Sensor, and Vibration Sensor.

I have to say that To date, none of the products are available for purchase., they are all exhausted but that could change in the next few hours.



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