HomePaper, create your own backgrounds for the Home app

The fundamental application developer for any HomeKit user (HomeRun and HomePass among others) launched a new app that lets you create spectacular backgrounds for the Home app in seconds.

The House app allows us to personalize the rooms we have set up in the app with any wallpaper using the photos we have on our reel, but the end result with a photo is usually not very satisfaying. However, with this new app, HomePaper, we can use photos that we take of this room to create a truly spectacular wallpaper. And best of all, the app takes care of everything, you don’t need to have any knowledge of photo editing. to get gradient and custom backgrounds of our own home.

The photo creation process is fully automated. Just capture a photo of the room in question, select it in the HomePaper app, and choose one of the many already preset gradients, or create our own if we wish. Application will create a background designed to blend seamlessly into the Home app interface

, and which we can also keep forever.

This way we can personalize each room in the house with a different background that represents it, use different colors and change them whenever we want with little effort. The application is already available in the App Store, and the download is completely free, which allows us to create the foreground. If we want to create all the funds we want, we can do it for only 01.09 $. It is also a universal application, valid for iPhone and iPad. You can download it from this link.



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