HomePod minis continue to grow in sales

Although we are in a difficult time due to the lack of stock of some of the models in this HomePod mini from Apple, the base colors continue to have enough stock to increase sales of the same and the colored models will finish completing the task in the following months.

We say this because at the moment buying one of these colorful mini HomePods is an impossible task, purchases in the official salon of the Apple Store Deliveries for January 19 on all models except black and white.

HomePod mini sales continue to grow

When we look a little deeper in terms of the sale of these speakers, we find data such as that shown in iClarified which also indicates that global sales of this type of product have increased by 10% with smart displays year after year. year to reach 39.3 million units sold. or shipped in the third quarter of 2021. On the other hand HomePods occupy 10.2% of the market against 5.9% the previous year

during the same period of time.

This shows that sales of speakers and smart home devices are increasing in the last quarter and previous quarters. In this case, many believe that both models could be on the market and reap good sales but Apple has decided to bet everything on the small and inexpensive HomePod mini, the decision seems to be the right one according to the numbers but we will see over time if they do not end up launching a large model of this spectacular enclosure.



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