How to configure your mouse buttons on iPadOS

With the introduction of iPadOS 13.4 comes the opportunity to connect the mouse and trackpad to your iPad, which is a good step for those who still see the possibility of swapping their Apple tablet for the Apple. But this coherence continues again it allows us to configure various mouse buttons and to reuse classic functional corners macOS.

If you have a trackpad and connect it to your iPad, you can use the left and right clicks and browse, and you'll have a few touch options that will make your job much easier when you open the slide, close the program, switch between apps or turn on multitasking. With the mouse everything is not properly configured, since its two buttons do not provide much on their own. However On the market there are many models that include many buttons and that we teach you how to set up on your iPad using one of the best laptops in the market, the Logitech MX Master 3


IPOS allows you change features such as size and color of the cursor, or increase their contrast to see it better. It also allows you to add a border to it in the color you adjust, and adjust the size of that limit for those with v isual impairments. Changing the migration speed of any button with a second click of the left is one of the basic options we find among the system settings.

But also, when we access the Accessibility menu, we can set all the buttons known to our iPad from our mouse, to me up to five buttons. I know you Configure the Go to Desktop button, the other for multitasking, which is different for taking a screenshot, etc. Even if you miss MacOS running corners, you can configure the corners of your iPad to perform actions when you place the cursor on them. We explain all of this in this video that it definitely helps you prepare your mouse to get the most out of it.



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