How to create your own Memoji WWDC21

The Memoji They have become a very interesting way to communicate with each other. These personalized Cupertino “emojis” have done so much that others like Samsung and Xiaomi have been quick to imitate them, with varying degrees of success. However, we continue to work with them.

WWDC21 is approaching and we will see things as interesting as the new tvOS 15 and of course iOS 15 that we are so keen to try. We show you how to easily create your own WWDC21 Memoji so curious and different to be able to use it in your messages,

What do you think of this innovative new design?

First of all, we thank the colleagues of iSpace who are the ones who shared this very interesting shortcut. Although this is an unverified sh ortcut, we trust our Italian colleagues who ensure that there is no type of malware in the content, therefore its installation is 100% safe on our iPhone or iPad . However, if you prefer something more graphic, at the top we have left you the video in which you can see step by step how it can be created. your own WWDC Memoji

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Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Download the main Memoji shortcut (LINK)
  2. Once you’ve installed it, open the Notes app on your iPhone
  3. Without writing anything, directly add the Memoji you want to the note. Do not use the one on the MacBook, as the shortcut will automatically add it to you
  4. Now click on the Memoji you wrote in the note and you will see how it opens in full screen
  5. Press the “share” button and run the shortcut meWWDC21
  6. Install the new dependent shortcut that prompts you to install
  7. Run the meWWDC21 shortcut on the Memoji again
  8. Ready, the Memoji will open for you.



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