How to have PiP on YouTube without paying Premium (and without advertising)

We show you how you can profit YouTube ad-free, with Picture in Picture (PiP) enabled and even play content with the device locked, and all without having to pay for YouTube Premium.

To unlock all the functions we have indicated above, it is necessary to have a YouTube Premium subscription. However, thanks to an extension for Safari, we can take advantage of these premium features without having to pay the monthly fees to YouTube. The app is called “Vinegar” and is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Its price is $ 1.99 and you only have to pay once

, there are no in-app purchases, and with one payment, you’ll unlock it for all your devices. Once installed, you need to enable the extension in Safari, as I show you in the video, and you will be able to use these features that many want.

Vinegar - Tube Cleaner (AppStore link)

However, there are a few negatives. The first is that to use these functions we still need to access youtube through safari. Being an extension of Apple’s browser, its changes do not apply to the YouTube app for iOS. That’s the price to pay, but I’m sure for many it will more than make up for the ability to take advantage of these premium features. The other downside is that you won’t be able to play 4K content, it will be limited to 1080p on iPhone and iPad and Mac, for those who use the Apple phone this won’t be a major inconvenience, but on iPad and Mac screens it will maybe something more boring.

In the video at the top of the article, you will find details on how to enable extensions on iOS and iPadOS, besides macOS, and how it works on different Apple devices, so I encourage you to see it in detail.



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