How to re-download previously purchased apps on iOS

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IPhone, iPad, and even Mac users can easily download previously purchased apps and later deleted. This means that the user can download apps that they have already purchased and for some reason deleted of your device.

Performing this action is as easy as accessing App Store purchases and today we will see how easy it is to access these purchases. The process is really quick and easy, so you don’t have to worry.

The first thing to do is to access the App Store, as they say, once in the App Store, you have to click on the photo of our user that appears on the iPhone and iPad at the top right . When pressed we find the option “purchased and subscriptions” that we need open the “purchased” drop-down option.

Download applications

Inside here we will find if we have family purchases and the option of our purchases click on “My purchases” And now we can simply choose between everything and the applications that we have not purchased on this iPhone c ‘ that is, we bought the iPad or the iPod. We just have to go down and find out which apps appear with a cloud and a down arrow


We installed all of these apps on our iPhone and for some reason we have removed them now we can reinstall them just by clicking on the cloud and ready. It’s a very simple process and it works for both iOS and iPadOS devices. Also at the top you will find the search menu with which we can locate apps by their own name if we remember.



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