I’m not receiving WhatsApp notifications from archived chats


We don’t quite know why WhatsApp has changed this option in new versions of the application but it is possible that you are in a previous version and therefore do not have the active option to receive notifications from archived chats.

This can be a problem when we archive a chat and it is that at that time, if we do not have this option enabled, we will stop receiving notifications of the messages they send to us, so it is possible that several of them are “angry” about this … Excluding jokes today, we will see the reason why some users do not receive notifications from archived chats and the solution is just to update the app and the iPhone itself


And it might sound silly, but not everyone has app or operating system updates, so as it happened to an acquaintance did not see the same thing as me in the menu of the WhatsApp application. To put some common thread to this story we will say that after several messages in which I did not even see as read, a call and a subsequent meeting solved the problem.

In short, if you can’t update or just don’t want to, you can adjust this option so that notifications from archived chats reach you, “there is no need to update” although it is totally advised to do so to avoid attacks or system or application failures. The menu in question is as follows:

archived whatsapp chats

And it is that this option that appears in Settings> Chats indicates that archived chats will remain archived when you receive a new message

, For what notifications will not be received if this option is enabled although a small number appears in archived threads indicating that there are unread messages.

In any case, the important thing here is that if you want to receive notifications from these archived chats, you should keep this option disabled or update to the latest version, as you can see in the screenshot below- above. this option disappears in later versions of WhatsApp. Surely many of you are here precisely because archived chat notifications are not reaching you, now you know how to fix it.



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