Important news from Apple references fighting racism and promoting equality

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Finally, and after several hours of waiting during which many Apple users thought Apple would be somehow involved in the fight (a little more) against this COVID-19 pandemic, the CBS interview reveals a plan for fight racism and promote equality between people in addition to the inauguration of the first developer academy in Detroit by the end of this year 2021.

There are several details that have transpired from this interview, the news of something “so big” has created a lot of expectation among Apple users and it is truly something that is benefiting millions of people in the world. world and goes beyond Apple itself. It may seem that racism is far away, but it is not, It’s still something that affects society today and in the United States it seems like a lot more … Either way, racial equity and justice are what they are currently promoting in the Cupertino cabinet and with that they want to stop racism in the country.

The Developer Academy is in precisely one of the places where this racism is most latent and that’s why they wanted to use Detroit as the first of the Developer Academies. In this way, they want to promote equality and support the entire black community of the place to achieve their development goals. The truth is, it’s something very beautiful and something Apple has been involved in for a long time, not since the Tim Cook era, but without a doubt. the level of involvement is maximum.

Apple’s press release explains in detail this new project, its values ​​and what it means for Apple train young talents without looking at their skin color, facial features, language, etc. ¡Well done for Apple!



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