iOS 14.4 May Include Guided Walk Workouts On Apple Watch

Apple could launch guided walking workouts

Apple Watch is a device that helps us stay active throughout the day. The device can initiate notifications so that we move if we have been sitting for a long time or it encourages us to finish the exercise or movement rings. It helps users get moving and stay active. The iOS 14.4 beta hinted at a possible feature that would come to the Apple Watch with its launch. It’s about guided walking training,

some downloadable workouts on the device itself, apart from the iPhone, which could guide our daily walks.

Guided walking workouts, the novelty that iOS 14.4 could bring

In this tweet, developer Khaos Tian revealed one of the surprises of the iOS 14.4 beta. In the Apple Watch app on iPhone, a new option appears called ‘It’s time to walk’ and a toggle option titled “Add new workouts to Apple Watch.” Apparently they could be new guided walking workouts by audio that could accompany us in our daily walks.

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Additionally, it is explained that workouts are downloaded to the Apple Watch itself when the watch is connected to power and near the iPhone. Once the workouts are finished, they will be automatically deleted and make room for new ones. These guided walk workouts could complement the Apple Fitness + system, but it differs in that until now all workouts in the department required the use of an additional device such as an iPhone or iPad to track. training.

Experts have found code in the beta version of iOS 14.4 that references these new guided workouts (‘WORKOUT_GUIDED_WALK’). But it was not possible to determine whether these will require an Apple Fitness + subscription or not. We will see if finally Apple decides to launch this new training mode or if it prefers to wait for watchOS 8 with iOS and iPadOS 15.



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