iOS 14.6 will add an email to Lost Mode for objects in the Search network

iOS 14.5 is one of the biggest updates since the release of iOS 14 at the end of last year. The star novelty of the update was undoubtedly the ability to unlock the iPhone without the need for Face ID thanks to the integration with Apple Watch and watchOS. However, they are still working in Cupertino and yesterday the third iOS 14.6 developer beta was released. A version which does not claim to be as good in terms of new features as iOS 14.5 but which brings something new, like possibility of adding an email associated with objects compatible with the research network,

including AirTags.

Adding an email or phone in lost mode will be possible in iOS 14.6

Add an email address so that if someone finds your item and wants to contact you, they can. Once you’ve turned on Lost Mode, that email address will be visible to whoever finds your item. This allows others to contact you whenever your lost items are found.

Here is the description of the features at the top of the new features of iOS 14.6 Third Beta. The objective is be able to add an email associated with the objects

which are integrated into the research network. In this way, when the user loses an item and updates it in the app in “Lost Mode”, the owner information automatically appears on the device from which it was found.

Until now, you could introduce a phone number. However, many users will prefer not to expose their most personal data and offer an email account to allow easy contact. While there is still a long way to go towards iOS 14.6, it is likely that this feature will change and vary in subsequent betas.

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Something that stands out is that you cannot combine the phone number with the lost mode email. In other words, the user will have to choose whether he wants one information to appear or another. This is something that can change because the more information there is about the owner, the more likely it is that when it comes to contacting, the search will be satisfactory.



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