IOS 14 version could reach version 14.8 for the first time in software history

Apple’s software versions for their devices continue to mutate with constant change and what seems obvious today tomorrow changes completely. As we all wait for the new version of iOS 15 for next month appears A screenshot on the net that shows an additional version of iOS 14, in this case iOS 14.8.

At least that’s important news on Apple’s versions since version x.8 has never been reached before

throughout the history of iOS. The current version of iOS 14.7 would be the maximum we’ve had before in software version numbering, so this upcoming new version would be a new record.

The changes could be few, although it is true that the option to launch a version of iOS 14.8 is fair enough given the dates we are on. This leads us to think that the two versions might even overlap. The capture of Brendan Shanks, made in beta 4 of Xcode 13 shows this new version of the operating system:

We can understand that Apple has a problem or wants to fix a bug in the current version of iOS 14.7 so it is releasing a new version 14.8 to fix it, but time is running out and it could overlap with the new iOS 15


No big change is expected from the current version but it is curious. There are no official details and this is all just a rumor about an image posted on Twitter a few days ago, but with Apple We can be sure that if they need to run this new version to fix a system crash, they will run it. and we are delighted even if the tempos are a little tight between the versions.



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