iOS 15 finally has all the features announced at WWDC 2021

iOS 15

Now, with almost six months having passed since the announcement of iOS15 at the last WWDC in 2021 during which a good handful of new features were shown off, we can say that the iPhone operating system version is completely complete with all new active.

Lately, the Cupertino company is a little more conservative than usual in terms of launching new features in operating systems. Launch the new versions or rather updates versions of iOS and the rest of the operating system with various new features and supports many more of those shown at the developer event.

At present, iOS 15 is already fully completed

Focus Modes in iOS 15

The truth is that it is curious to see how over time they have changed the tactics used for the launch of new versions, but this tactic is for many of us something more tedio us because not all of us have new features implemented in released versions. Up to four times he had to update iOS 15

to become complete with each of the novelties presented at the worldwide developer conference.

New design in Safari, with tabs and bookmarks displayed differently, SharePlay, major changes in FaceTime with many more features, new focus modes in the Apple Messages app, Universal Control feature, improvements in security and stability of the system or new features implemented in Wallet are some of the new features that have been implemented little by little in each of the versions of the iOS 15 operating system. At the moment we can say that this version is complete and we are eagerly awaiting the news of iOS 16

but these will arrive next June and until they are fully implemented it will surely take a long time, as happened recently at Apple.



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