iOS 15 visual search starts working in Europe

iOS 15 visual search showing the Alhambra

The latest beta of iOS 15.4 leaves traces of a novelty of iOS 15 that had not yet been seen outside the United States

. The Visual Finder, which identifies objects in your photos, is already available for some in Europe and that’s how it works.

Apple introduced iOS 15 last June with a number of new features, although some of them were not available at launch. This is the case of the so-called “Visual Search” or “Visual Lookup” which was only launched in English and in the United States. ANDThis feature is that the iPhone examines the photos in your gallery looking for interesting places, such as monuments and other places of interest, plants, animals and works of art.. Once these photographs are identified, they are tagged and this shows you the information about their content.

Visual research reports on plants and animals

You can check in the header photo how she identifies a monument as “The Alhambra”, or in this image how she labels the plant as “Cyclamen” and the dog as “Labrador”. These are photographs taken at different times, and although the one of the Alhambra is more recent and taken with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iOS 15 already installed, the one on the ground floor was taken with an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the dog’s didn’t even have an iPhone. iPhone reviews all photos in your gallery, regardless of date or device

with which they were made.

To see this information, click on the “i” that appears at the bottom of the screen when viewing a photo, or swipe up. It will then show us information such as the device with which it was carried out, the lens used, the location… and in the event that there is a satisfactory identification, A “View” button will appear just below the photo which you have to tap to see what it has identified. By showing you the information, it will offer you links to enlarge it, and similar images on the Internet.



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