iOS 16 allows access to WiFi network passwords

Wi-Fi iOS 16

iOS has come a long way in recent years. The arrival of iCloud for the management not only of files but also of internal Apple services has been a major change in the Apple ecosystem. Thanks to iCloud Keychain, we can have access to the credentials and passwords of all the services as well as the passwords of the WiFi network on all our devices to avoid having to log in to all the devices. iOS 16 goes even further

and it enables something that many users have wanted for a long time: the ability to access WiFi network passwords.

iOS 16: Sharing a WiFi password has never been easier

Connecting to WiFi networks, as we said, has improved a lot in recent years. One of the first functions of iCloud Keychain or iCloud Keychain was to sync all keys to avoid login repeatedly on all devices. This is something that users who have multiple devices appreciate. Later he joined the function of sharing the password of WiFi networks via AirDrop

to any nearby Apple device.

This last point has dramatically changed the conversations we have when we arrive at a home and want to know if they have WiFi. If they have an iPhone, we bring our device directly to theirs and can immediately connect with the push of a button. However, if we have an Android or Windows computer, we cannot do it this way.

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iOS 16 introduced a key feature to try and close the circle around WiFi networks. It is the possibility of seeing the passwords of the WiFi networks to which we have connected. To do this we will click on the “i” that appears on the WiFi network in question and we will see a new section called “Password”. to get there we will have to verify our identity via Face ID, Touch ID or password. Once the procedure is complete, we can access the password and copy it to be able to distribute it or introduce it anywhere.



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