iOS 16 public betas may be delayed due to stability issues

WWDC is fast approaching and it will be during the keynote when Tim Cook and his team present the new operating systems. Among them are iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, which apparently will not come with major design changes, but with new features that improve the system’s interactivity with the user. However, something is happening in Cupertino. The latest information indicates Stability issues in beta versions of iOS 16. This would cause a delay in the release of public betas It might be a few weeks late.

Stability issues would delay the launch of the first public beta of iOS 16

The gears of Apple’s operating system betas are more than greased. For years, Apple releases the first developer betas at the end of the WWDC opening keynote. At this time, only users subscribed to the Apple Developer Program can install these beta versions on their devices. A few weeks later, with the launch of the second developer beta, Apple opens the public beta program, launching its first version. This program is accessible to any user with a compatible device.

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However, with iOS 16, it looks like the dates will change. The latest information from Foodie point to this iOS 16 is not as stable as Apple would like. The latest versions of the first developer beta are not completely stable and that would mean that public betas will delay its release.

Indeed, Apple does not want to run the risk of launching massive versions in the form of public betas because that would amount to dispersing an operating system of lower quality than desired.

The tentative dates place the first developer beta on June 6, the second two weeks later, and the third in July. It is in this third beta for developers that Apple would decide to launch its first version for the public beta program. The difference is that on other occasions, Apple opens its public beta program in the second developer beta.

We will see if those of Cupertino finally manage to get a stable version to recover the usual schedule or if, on the contrary, we have news regarding the betas of iOS 16.



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