iOS 16 will allow us to avoid CAPTCHAs in compatible apps and websites

Little by little, we are unveiling all the new features of iOS 16, the next big operating system for Apple’s mobile devices. A new iOS 16 that brings us new design features that we can see for example on the new lock screen, and new features that are not so obvious but just as interesting. iOS 16 will let us skip annoying CAPTCHAS from websites and apps

. Keep reading as we tell you all the details.

To access this new option we will only have to enter Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security > Automatic Verification (at the bottom). By activating this option, Apple will check any CAPTCHA (compatible) found on a web page or in an application. This is the future, since these CAPTCHAS were created to prevent bots from using websites. In this way, Apple, or rather iOS, will “tell” the website or application that it is a human who is accessing it and thus we will avoid annoying CAPTCHAS. How it works? Apple verifies the device and Apple ID and creates a private access token for the website or appsomething that will simplify the process of creating user accounts or logging in.

Private access tokens are a powerful alternative that helps you identify HTTP requests from legitimate people and devices without compromising their identity or personal information.

The good thing about this is that it’s not exclusive to Apple, Cloudflare and Fastly have already announced support for these private access tokens.Hence, it could reach millions of apps as these platforms power a huge number of websites and apps. Great news that will undoubtedly benefit us all and that indicates that iOS 16 has other surprises in store that we still don’t know about. And you, what do you think of this new feature of iOS 16? We read you…



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