iOS 16 will show verified company logos in the Mail app

BIMI group messaging iOS 16

iOS 16 is in developer beta mode like the rest of Apple’s new operating systems showcased at WWDC22. New things come and go as developers crumble each app. On this occasion, we will talk about Mail app which has undergone some changes in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. Among these changes is the integration of the BIMI standard which allows the logos of verified companies to be displayed next to the email,

one more tool to ensure that mail is official and not fraudulent.

iOS 16 and macOS Ventura integrate with the BIMI standard in Mail

BIMI is a standard that stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification or similar Branded indicators for message identification. This is a standard for e-mails which allows companies to display their logo next to the received email with the aim of promoting the brand, on the one hand, and guaranteeing the veracity of the content and the sender by the brand itself.

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Apple didn’t announce it at WWDC22 but iOS 16 and macOS Ventura have been integrated into the BIMI standard with which all users will be able to access the benefits of this standard. How will the user see it? Very simple, you have it in the following tweet from Charlie Fish in which he shows the logo of a bank accompanied by a pop-up message:

When we receive an email from a brand verified by BIMI your logo will appear on the left plus a text that says “Digital Certified”. When we click on “learn more”, it will inform us about the domain from which the email comes, in addition to the fact that this information is extracted from the BIMI standard.



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