iPad Air with OLED display for 2023

ipad air

At the moment, the rumors that Apple may launch a new iPad are exceeding expectations. In this case, we are talking about an iPad Air that may be launched for the year 2023, that is to say in a few years … These rumors published on the site The Elect indicate that the Cupertino company thought add Oled panels on fifth generation iPad Air models


In fact, the iPad Air models have an LCD screen called by Apple and known around the world as, Liquid Retina which is really good. This type of screen could have its end in a few years as this site indicates, but the price of the iPad would also be affected since this technology is more expensive than the LCD screen, at least currently.

Of course, today your purchase is more than guaranteed for several reasons, firstly because it has nothing to envy to the pro models in terms of software, secondly because of its much lower price than that of the ‘iPad Pro and thirdly because of the accessories which are the same in both cases and the design of the iPad Air which is exactly the same as that of the more powerful model with 10.9 inch screen.

Honestly, the OLED panel of these iPad Air from 2023 would add another positive point to be taken into account by users, but which as we said above would perhaps end up increasing its price and this is negative since the current model really enjoy a good price in quality / price. Some analysts say these OLED iPad Air will arrive next yearNow this report says that it will be for a few years, we will see what happens eventually.



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