iPads will serve as home kit accessories for HomeKit with iOS 16

Despite what it seemed at first, Apple has confirmed that iPads will continue to function as a HomeKit accessory hub with iOS 16but there will be fine print, as it won’t work with the new Matter architecture.

The arrival of iOS 16 brought a new wing to its code: the iPad didn’t come across as an accessory powerhouse. However, Apple has confirmed to The Verge that eventually its tablet will continue to function as such, although it will have the downside that it will not be compatible with the new architecture coming later this year which references the new Matter standard

, which will enable interoperability between devices of different brands. Users who rely on the iPad as a powerhouse will be able to continue enjoying the same features they had until now, but they won’t be able to use the new standard, a negative point that comes on top of other restrictions that already existed.

HomeKit requires a central accessory to which all devices compatible with Apple home automation are connected. Apple TV HD or 4K, HomePod and HomePod mini are recommended devices

to take full advantage of everything that the Apple platform offers us, and until now the iPad could also be used, although with restrictions. A HomeKit update will arrive later this year to make it compatible with Matter. Those who have an iPad as a hub should avoid this update, otherwise the tablet will no longer function as a hub.

The arrival of Matter support will make we can forget if a device is for Alexa, Google Assistant or HomeKit, as all Matter-enabled devices will be compatible with all three platforms. There will also be more advantages, such as compatibility with Thread which will allow us to decongest our home WiFi networks, a problem that begins to appear when you already have many home automation devices connected to your router. The devices themselves will be able to act as “routers” for other devices to connect, leaving our router for the internet connections of our computers, phones, tablets and games consoles.



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