IPhone 13’s fast charging will improve remarkably

Settlement to iPhone 13 It has started and that is why we cannot avoid constantly bringing you a lot of news about the future device of the Cupertino company, in addition, we know that you do not want to miss them and in iPhone News we will inform you on second .

In this case, we’re focusing on the battery, and far from what you might imagine, we’re not going to talk about the capacity. The iPhoner 13 is going to improve the fast charging capacity it has in a remarkable way, will that be enough?

Everything indicates that it will still be quite far from the competition.

I’m not a fan of fast charging, there is a dark side to these powerful charges that they don’t advertise, and that is that they seriously damage the durability of the battery when used in the battery. continuous and not sporadically, which they are for thought. As you well know, currently iPhone 12 has 20W fast charge,

something that is not remarkable either if you take into account the fast charging powers offered by Huawei or Xiaomi, however, considering the total battery capacity of the iPhone, this may seem more than enough in terms of time.

The improvement will result in an increase from the current 20W to the 25W that the iPhone 13 promises,

which will not suppose, one imagines, a notable reduction in loading times. For its part, the MagSafe charge will continue to be maintained at 15W, which is understandable given the temperature problems that this can cause. Apparently this information comes straight from the production line of the iPhone and its accessories in China, we are clear that it will come without a charger, as it does now, but at least the paid alternative will offer better performance, while remaining far from what it is capable of offering to the competition.



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