iPhone 14 will still show lock screen widgets

iPhone 14 Pro gold

The iPhone 14 will debut with a new screen look without the characteristic “notch” and also the new “always on” display always enabled to show lock screen widgets in iOS 16.

It’s an open secret: one of the main new features of the iPhone 14 Pro will be the always-on display. The “always on display” feature that will allow the Apple phone to show you information on the screen even if it is locked This is already practically confirmed by many sources but also by Apple itself in an “unofficial” way after the presentation of the new iOS 16 with this new customizable lock screen and to which widgets can be added in a similar way to which we have been doing for a long time a few years with the Apple Watch.

As we have already shown you in the video on our channel, on the iOS 16 lock screen you can add widgets with weather information, calendar, contacts, activity, battery… and not only native Apple apps, app developers will also be able to create lock screen widgets, so that we can see the information of our favorite applications with the iPhone locked. With this feature, an always-on display is perfect so you don’t even have to touch your iPhone to see information at a glance.

Just like the Apple Watch, widgets containing personal information, such as calendar appointments, emails, etc., will remain hidden while the phone is locked and will only display when the phone is unlocked, without leaving the lock screen, only by face recognition.

And what about energy consumption? This function should not significantly impact battery life

of the device since the technology of the screen allows that the consumption of the battery with this mode always activated is very low. Apple has introduced ProMotion technology on the screen of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, which allows it to reduce its refresh rate to 1Hz, and it would be necessary to add a gradation of colors and brightness when locking to allow seeing content but much more discreetly than when the iPhone is unlocked. In other words, everything would work very similarly to what it already does on the Apple Watch.



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