iPhone 15 users report continued Bluetooth outages


A few iPhone 15 users are experiencing constant outages in their devices’ Bluetooth connectivity. And it’s not something related to iOS updates, no. Users claim to have encountered these errors since the launch of the iPhone 15 in the market and they made it known on the Apple support forums.

Users report that they found it very difficult to keep your iPhone 15 connected to old Bluetooth devices

, referring to their cars’ Bluetooth systems or “older” headphones. From what a user posted on the MacRumors forums, we can understand the same.

Since iOS 17, I have frequent disconnections from my car’s Bluetooth during calls (No carplay. BMW 2014). I make a hands-free call in my car and a few seconds later the Bluetooth disconnects and I have to manually switch to my iPhone speaker. I have had this car since it was new and I change iPhone almost every year and normally the iOS x.0 version has a Bluetooth problem, but after two iOS 17 updates the problem is not resolved. Another iPhone 12 doesn’t have this problem in my car.

As I mentioned, most users who voice their complaints are talking about Bluetooth devices such as headphones, Bluetooth systems in their cars or similar devices. There are also users who suffer from this type of problem with other, more modern Bluetooth devices, even with their AirPods.

Complaints regarding this type of failure have been arriving since October 2023, right around the time the iPhone 15 models were released, and this continued throughout the various versions of iOS 17 we had. At Apple they do not seem (yet) clear on the cause, but surely they will release an update in which these problems will be resolved. If you are one of those affected, please be patient, you are not alone and they are already trying to resolve the issue.



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