IPhone Confirmed as World’s Best-Selling and Profitable 5G Smartphone

Is 5G the future of mobile telephony? Will 6G ever eclipse the slow rollout of 5G? Doubts that are slowing down the deployment of 5G networks, there is no point in manufacturers like Apple launching smartphones with 5G if the infrastructure is not ready for that, and about to enter 2022 it still is not … Apple was slow to integrate 5G modems into its devices, it finally launched them but as we tell you, due to the slow roll-out of 5G networks, we can hardly take advantage of these super-fast networks that they have sold us. Of course, Apple has done its job, and it has done it in such a way that several analysts confirm that the IPhone is the world’s best-selling and most profitable 5G device

. Keep reading as we tell you all the details.

And you have to take into account that the competition from Apple was there long before that from Cupertino. Samsung

was one of the first to take the step towards 5G, it has integrated it into the vast majority of its devices, but after periods of growth he is now in a negative period. It is true that they benefit from a large portfolio of devices which make them sell well with a wide variety of prices. According to Strategy Analytics, Apple with the iphone
e managed to stay like the world’s best-selling 5G phone, to have like that 25% of the global smartphone market with 5G.

Oppo is the leader in 5G on Android, and Xiaomi moves to third position after the strong growth it experienced in early 2021. Huawei for its part continues to be penalized after US sanctions and is experiencing a difficult recovery. Good data for Apple but like I said at the start of the post, Is 5G relevant today? Is it pure marketing? We read you …



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