iPhones with Touch ID under the screen will be delayed by several years

Touch ID under the iPhone 13 screen

The iPhone 14 will be released next September. Although there are still many months to go, rumors about the news and design changes of the new product are beginning to surface on the networks. Many were the voices that guided an iPhone 14 with an integrated Face ID under the screen. However, it looks like it won’t be embedded below the screen, instead the notch will be removed to approximate a “pill”-like design. There were also rumors the return of Touch ID integrated under the screen, but an analysis published by Ming Chi-Kuo assures that we will have to wait a few years to see this technology.

Our joy in a well: Touch ID under the iPhone screen will be delayed

Some news published a few months ago claimed that Apple had tested a series of prototypes with Touch ID integrated under the screen. This was really important due to the pandemic situation we were in where Face ID was completely unusable. However, they decided to reject the idea, probably because they were trying to improve the Face ID algorithm to be able to unlock the terminal even with a mask. And that was the case with the release of iOS 15.4.

The rumors continued and pointed to an iPhone 14 with Face ID and Touch ID integrated under the screen. Corn Ming Chikuo,

a well-known analyst in the world of Apple, published a tweet where he assures that this technology will not be seen in 2023 or 2024, At least as expected. This changes Kuo’s prediction that Apple intended to launch a product with Touch ID under the display in 2023.

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This does not mean that Apple is abandoning this project. But other functions will have prevailed, such as finding a way to permanently remove the notch to integrate Face ID under the screen. Also, we can’t forget that the iPad Air, for example, have Touch ID on the lock button and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that Apple would be interested in returning the fingerprint sensor to the iPhone in this position. We will have to wait until September to see what Apple has prepared for us with the iPhone 14!



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