Just like the new AirPods Pro 2

The next AirPods Pro 2 are expected by the end of this year, surely hand in hand with the new iPhone 14, after the summer, and today we got to take a first look at what 52audio.com says is the design of these new headphoneswith interesting news.

Images are not actual products but 3D designs, such as can be found on Apple’s website. For those who doubt the reliability of these images, it is important to remember that this same site published the images of the new AirPods 3

before it launched, and they were absolutely right. So while any type of leak so far in advance should always be taken with a grain of salt, these images have all the hallmarks of becoming a reality as they also include some features that have already been discussed before.

The earphones themselves will not undergo any apparent change in their design. They will be identical to the current AirPods Pro, at least in appearance, as there have been talks that Apple could include a heart rate sensor in it that would monit or our heart while we fill the headphones on

. It would be perfect for those who practice sports and do not have an Apple Watch or do not want to use it, since with our iPhone in the pocket or on a bracelet, or near us, and the earphones on the head, we could almost have the same measurements that we have now with the Apple smart watch.

What seems to change is the charging case. Normally it already comes standard with the MagSafe system, which Apple introduced with the AirPods 3 and has also added to the current AirPods Pro, giving those of us who have purchased them previously the option of purchase a separate MagSafe case. We also see holes similar to the speakers and the microphone of the iPhone. The inclusion of a speaker makes perfect sense when you remember that AirPods are compatible with the Apple Search network.

and that in this way we could make the case of our AirPods emit a sound when we lost them or simply do not remember where we left them. This will “save their lives” for more than one. We also have an element on the side that seems intended to place a strap for the neck or for the wrist… In my opinion it is a very rare element and it seems to me that maybe we will have a surprise with this element , as I doubt it is intended for this purpose.



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