Kuo, get back on track and this time with the iPad mini

IPad mini concept

Rumors of new Apple products keep coming from Ming-Chi Kuo. This well-known Apple analyst explains in the latest rumors that the Cupertino company plans to launch a new model of iPad mini for the second half of this year.

As we all know, the Cupertino company launched the new iPad Pro models last April, but left out the rest of the iPad models, so it wouldn’t be strange if in the middle of this same 2021, it will launch a new series of products among which the small of the iPad


Surely Many users won’t find this little iPad useful, but there are plenty more who do. As with the iPhone, smaller models tend to be a hit with users, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the company launched this new iPad mini before the end of the year.

It is possible that the design of this new model of iPad mini resembles the line of the new iPad Pro launched by Apple and the line of the iPhone, with the bezels straight and possibly with an 8.4 inch screen as explained by the analyst. In this case, the new iPad mini would not add the typical round button at the bottom, it is expected to add the same system found in the iPad Air, that is – say a small button that also serves as a power supply. like to unlock.

Current iPad mini models start at $ 449 for the 64 GB model and 619 for the 256 GB storage model. We will have to see if these rumors are true, hopefully, because the more products we have, the better.



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