Mandatory 3-year warranty is approved for all products

It is approved in Europe extension of the compulsory warranty for products purchased by consumers, from two years to three, and that obviously includes Apple products.

Apple will have to offer a three-year warranty in Europe on all the products it sells in our country, like the rest of the manufacturers, as approved today by the Council of Ministers. The new consumer regulations are thus ready to be published in the BOE.

, where the date on which it will come into force will be indicated. In addition to this three-year warranty, other changes are included such as the extension to 10 years of the period during which manufacturers must have parts to repair their devices.

The outsourcing of “free” digital services is also regulated for the first time, those in which they offer you a service to modify your personal data, such as social networks, music, etc. The durability of a product is also defined as an objective criterion

. If the durability is not that agreed in the purchase contract, the customer can choose between repairing or replacing it.

Apple and the rest of the manufacturers will have to comply with the new regulations from the time it comes into force, we do not know whether retroactively or from that date. This regulatory change is part of a proposal from the European Union, so other countries in the Union may also extend the mandatory warranty period for manufacturers. Good news for consumers.



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