New Apple Video Class for Great Photos with “Today at Apple”

The “Today at Apple” sessions were quite limited by the global COVID-19 pandemic and so Apple got to work so that users don’t end up without these great sessions in which they learn a lot. On this occasion he called them “Today at Apple at home” and without a doubt, they are interesting for learning new tips, functions and the like of our devices.

Well, a few hours ago Apple released a new video titled “Turn and edit looping video magic in clips with Romain Laurent | AppleAnd in this video you can see some spectacular tips in the form of clips that we can take advantage of it for this summer.

The video released by Apple is as follows, we will no longer delay it:

In this video you can see really cool video tips to do with our iPhone

and in common environments that we can find both on the beach and in the city. Best of all, they’re very straightforward to make and don’t require a lot of editing experience, or something similar.

It’s almost 10 minutes of video in which they show us some really interesting tips to apply in our pictures, we can also choose environments of all kinds and if you follow the steps you will see how you will surprise your friends or family. The only downside as always in these cases is that the video is in English, but it’s easy to add the translator on YouTube if you don’t know the language, and they are explained very well graphically, so it won’t cost you any money. follow the steps.

To enjoy!



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