New iOS and iPadOS 15 betas give apps access to more RAM

We talked about it in one of our last podcasts, it’s a shame that Apple doesn’t take a big leap with the new iPad Pro. And can the iPad Pro “do” the same as their little brothers, in fact they couldn’t use all the RAM that Apple launched them with, remember the iPad Pro launched with up to 16 GB of RAM. A shame that Apple does not differentiate them despite the same M1 processor we have in Macs

. We are currently testing beta versions of iOS and iPadOS 15, a version which in its last beta version (which was released yesterday) brings us some hope for the functioning of the new iPad Pro. applications will have access to all the RAM memory of our devices.

And this change is substantial since although It is not known how much they will be able to use, they will be able to use more than the 5 GB they had so far.. It is Apple that will allow developers to have more memory for the use of their app, and of course they will not allow them to use all of it since Apple does not want to burden the general operation of the device by allowing the use of more memory. Of course, in the documentation provided to developers ask them to make sure that their application will work properly if no additional memory is available


Small advances that will have to be seen as developers take advantage of them, Apple likes to control the use of the resources of its devices so that they work properly, and obviously developers will want to use more memory to perform new functions. . A novelty that comes in the documentation of the new beta but which It will not be available until next fall when the final version of iOS 15 is released.

. We will continue to develop as soon as we start to know the plans of the developers as several have spoken because they could not take advantage of the 16 GB of the new iPad Pro.



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