New MagSafe Battery Confirms iPhone 12 Supports Reverse Wireless Charging

One of the topics we have covered the most in our weekly podcasts is the eThe rumor that Apple may introduce reverse wireless charging in the next line of iPhones. A very practical possibility to allow us to recharge AirPods thanks to our iPhone for example, something that we already see in other devices from other brands. The rumor is on everyone’s lips since with the release of the iPhone 12 several media have confirmed that this device could do a reverse charge, but that it was not activated. Until now… Yesterday the MagSafe Battery for iPhone 12 was released, and it can be charged by reverse charging the iPhone …

Keep reading as we tell you all the details.

As you can see from the image that runs this article, the new MagSafe battery is no longer a case as we have seen in the past, it is now simply a module, a battery, which attaches to our iPhone thanks to the new MagSafe. The the battery is charged via Lightning but thanks to the support document, we can know that Apple allows to charge it thanks to the iPhone, that is to say if we charge our iPhone

, or we connected it through Lightning for some reason, Just put the MagSafe battery on the back of the iPhone and it will start charging as well.

You can also charge both (iPhone and battery) if you connect your MagSafe battery to your iPhone and then connect your iPhone to a power source.

You might want to charge this way if you need to connect your iPhone to another device while charging, such as using CarPlay with cable or transfer photos to a Mac.

We have talked a lot about this wireless charging and yes, it exists And it’s available in the new iPhone 12. Now many of you will want it for other uses like AirPod charging, but would you use it? As for how Apple is applying the news, I think if they haven’t enabled it before, they won’t and they will just use it for that new MagSafe battery.



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