New patent for Apple Watch with round dial

Of course, the filing of this patent confirms that Cupertino is ready to improve the design of its watch and logically, although the current one is really beautiful, it has not been modified since its launch. It is not worth saying that the current one is thinner, less wide and with more screen, we are talking about a radical change of conception.

The watches of all life have always been round and when Apple introduced its Apple Watch, many expressed their embarrassment about it. Today, it’s the best-selling smartwatch on the market, for a reason. In any case, Apple is always studying new options and this patent with a totally different watch in terms of design is proof of this.

When we see the previous models of the Apple Watch, we realize that there are changes, but not many. In this case, the registered patent entitled “Display Module and System Applications and published by various media shows a flexible screen that would encompass the wrist in a more ergonomic way, with improved viewing angles compared to the current model and especially with a round sphere. design.

Fewer frames on the screen part or even less weight overall are other points that could be improved. This time, this patent seems to be something “complicated to see” in a short period of time, it seems to us rather a design of an Apple watch for the future. This logically assuming that Apple wishes to use the patent and similar designs shown

. Either way, many users would appreciate a round watch in terms of design, personally, as long as it performs as well or better than the current one, the design is already fine for me.

Would you buy an Apple Watch with a round face?



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