New rumors about the renewal of AirPods

Recently we've been talking at length about the news that Apple could be preparing for this year's AirPods. Curious when we consider that they are primarily a tool designed to accompany us when we leave home, however, we can't go out (unless you have children or a dog). Either way, one of the most important critics points out that Apple has a lot of new things in mind for AirPods but we won't see them from the way we thought in the past. AirPods and AirPods Pro will be renewed, but AirPods Lite is just a dream now.

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Bloomberg's respected commentator Ming-Chi Kuo is clear on this. Apple is working on AirPods 2 other news that we know nothing about so far that it is clear that the Cupertino company is planning to integrate the design of AirPods into all its variants. The current AirPods Pro design is one that gets more numbers given its smaller size compared to the previous one,

and especially when you consider the authenticity of its "pads" which are beneficial in terms of the installation and comfort of most users. I personally will remember most of the designs of traditional AirPods.

For now, it's referring to AirPods Lite,

The analyst points out that we shouldn't be too misled (with the advent of the "less expensive" iPhone the other day) as it could be inferior to the Beats product, which is also Apple's. When you look at Kui's success in all of his careers, it's worth considering, especially since he predicts that these products won't be productive until mid-year, so the chances of hanging on the shelves of the Apple Store are unclear.



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