New “Shot on iPhone” this time with some recording techniques

Shot on iPhone

We are more than convinced that most of you have already seen quite a few videos from the series. “Photo on iPhone” in which they show different scenes made entirely with an iPhone. Well, just a few hours ago Apple on their official YouTube channel shows a video in which they show us how some of these videos are made, it will surprise you.

Getting ide as for making videos is in most cases the complicated part of the process.

, lighting, angle and other little tricks, this is precisely what they show us in this particular video of just under 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

The recording techniques that you can see in this video can be easily implemented

since the resources they use are not sophisticated at all, they are resources that anyone can easily obtain. The best thing to do is watch the video and stick with some of the ideas for making our own videos:

Creativity when making a video or taking a photo is basically 80% of success, then such deciding factors as what props you can use to achieve that scene come into play. But what is essential and really necessary is have a good idea and implement it in a video or photo using a simple technique and useful. Yes, lighting, costumes, sets and the like are also an important part of these videos but in most cases any location can be useful for recording a video or taking a spectacular photo.



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