Next year iPhones and Macs would add 3nm processors

Changing the size of processors is not something new in Apple iPhones and the company is expected to commit to 3nm manufacturing next year. This means that the new transistors will have a little more efficiency in the general lines than the current ones.

TSMC would be in charge of manufacturing these new processors for Apple’s iPhones and Macs. This has been filtered out by the guys at DigiTimes, according to them Apple is preparing with TSMC, one of the main partners of the manufacturing

of moving components these new processors with a minimum size of 3 nm.

These new processors being so small would allow a higher energy efficiency and all with higher performance. A future of new, smaller processors that could be ready in 2022 for the devices that the Cupertino company will improve in this regard. For years we have been working on this reduction in the size of the chips and little by little the objectives are being achieved. Just a few days ago, we talked about the possible downsizing of the internal components of the iPhone to add a larger battery.

News that can be read in media such as MacRumors shows that the next iPhone model will drop from 5nm to 3nm. And it is that the current models of iPhone 12 have a chip manufactured with this process and logically the change will be for the better, increase the performance of the processor itself, speed and above all reduce the consumption of the iPhone.



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