Nimbus +, controller of Steelseries MFi for news

SteelSeries is an industry used to introduce MFi products dedicated to entertainment, especially video games. The company has been upgrading Apple products since years ago the compatibility for cable control came, that yes, more competition was found when Apple decided to make the PS4 and Xbox controls compatible with the automation. Or it could be, SteelSeries continues to work with MFi controllers to enhance our gaming experience with Apple products, and Nimbus + is its latest addition.

Let's take a look at the new company controller and what's new in this latest release.

Of course the design level isn't that these SaltSeries guys have broken their heads a lot with the Nimbus update, however, the size of: if something works, don't change it. This model continues to bet by installing two joysticks in parallel, such as the PlayStation 4 control, It's far from the choice of many other users who love control over the Xbox-style asymmetric joystick. However, when we talk about size and design, this remote looks like that of the North American version of Microsoft. Now we're talking about what's new.

The first is that the order has seen its independence increase by almost 50 hours spent, when this battery runs out we will be able to charge it at the portable Lightning port, the port owned by Cupertino. Apparently this MFi flower is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple TV. Now "Joystick" buttons have push buttons, as is the case with console game controls, which causes less modifications to provide a better experience. S

no doubt the time has come to have a good time with CoD Mobile or Fortnite among other games.



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